Bait & Switch

Bait & Switch
In the first Supervillain's Kids book, superhuman twins Bait and Switch must put aside their differences to stop their supervillain father from taking over the world.
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Series: The Supervillain's Kids, Book 1
Genre: Superhero
Tags: Superheroes, Young Adult
Publisher: Secret Identity Books
Publication Year: December 2017
Length: 278 (print edition)
ASIN: B0788RN49V
List Price: $2.99 (Free for Kindle Unlimited Subscribers!)
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About the Book

Return to The Superhero’s Son universe …

As the children of an infamous supervillain, Bait and Switch find themselves ostracized and isolated from their peers in the superhero school they attend. Even many of their teachers distrust them on the basis of their parentage.

Switch wants to leave the Academy and break their supervillain mother out of prison, while Bait sees the Academy as their best chance at rising above their mother’s legacy and become superheroes themselves. The two fight over these differences of opinions more often than they fight supervillains, but when their long-lost supervillain father returns with sinister plans for the twins, Bait and Switch must put aside their differences to defeat him.

If they can’t, then not only will they fail to get what they want, but their world will be destroyed.

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