The 25-Day Novel Challenge: Introduction

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The 25-Day Novel Challenge: Introduction

Welcome to the 25-Day Novel Challenge! In this challenge, I am going to write and edit a 75,000 word novel over a period of 25 days without an outline. This challenge was inspired by a similar challenge by author Chris Fox, which you can read more about here if you’re interested.

For this challenge, I am going to write The Superhero’s Test, the first book in a brand new superhero series called The Superhero’s Son, the cover of which can be seen at the top of the post. It is the first novel in what is currently planned to be a trilogy, although if the series does well I could easily expand it if necessary.

During the 25-Day Novel Challenge, I will be blogging about it here every day. I’ll talk about how my writing is going and give insights into my process, plus offer various insights on my views on writing, writing to market, and the superhero genre in general whenever I have any worth sharing.

Once the novel is written and edited, I will publish it to Amazon as an ebook and enroll it in Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited ebook subscription service, where it will stay exclusive to Amazon for 90 days. I will also do a print version through CreateSpace and maybe an audio version, too, if it does well, which I expect it to.

At the moment, I don’t know when I will actually start the challenge, because I’m currently working on another book under my main name. Once I finish that book, I will dive into The Superhero’s Test and the 25-Day Novel Challenge right away.

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Author: Lucas Flint

Lucas Flint writes superhero fiction as an indie author.