Last chance to win a FREE paperback edition of “The Superhero’s Test”!

Hey, everyone! Just a quick reminder that the Goodreads giveaway for the paperback edition of The Superhero’s Test here is ending TODAY!

So if you have yet to enter, just head on over to the giveaway page and click ‘Enter Giveaway” for a chance to win a free paperback copy for yourself! I rarely do Goodreads giveaways, so there is a fair chance this will be your last chance to win a free paperback edition of any of my books for quite a while.


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The Superhero’s Test One Year Giveaway!

Hey, everyone! The one year anniversary of the publication of The Superhero’s Test is coming up later this month.

To celebrate, I am running a Goodreads giveaway of the paperback edition. I am giving away 10 free copies of the paperback edition of The Superhero’s Test for the whole month of Goodreads, which you can enter by clicking this link here. You can also enter by clicking the Goodreads giveaway widget on my website, which should be on the right side of the screen on the desktop version of this site.

Also, Counterparts, the third book of The Young Neos, is still scheduled for release later this month.


Lucas Flint

New release: “The Superhero’s Son Omnibus: Volume 1, Books 1-3”

Hey, everybody! Hope everyone is having a great Christmas season so far. With Christmas coming tomorrow (for us Americans; some of y’all in other countries may already be celebrating it), people are doing lots of last minute Christmas shopping for friends and loved ones.

A great Christmas gift for your friends and family who love superheroes would be my newest release, The Superhero’s Son Omnibus: Volume 1, Books 1-3. This omnibus volume contains the first three books from my series, The Superhero’s Son, available for the first time ever in one convenient ebook package!

And not only that, but it is currently available for 99 cents this week only! That means that you can get it for 99 cents until Friday, December 30th, at which point its price will go back up to $9.99. This is a great deal, especially since you can gift ebooks to friends and family on Amazon (if you don’t know how, check out this helpful page from Amazon that details the ebook gifting process here). It is also available in Kindle Unlimited for those who have a KU subscription.

If that sounds like something you’d like for yourself or as a gift for friends and family, click the cover image at the top of the post or this link HERE to go directly to its Amazon product page. Remember: It’s 99 cents until December 30th, so if you want to get it at such a good price, you should do it now before it goes back up.

And yes, I will be doing omnibus volumes containing the next six books in the series, most likely in early 2017. Stay tuned for that.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,

Lucas Flint


Free Superhero Giveaway December 12-17 only!

Hey, everyone! Just wanted to let y’all know that several other indie superhero authors and I are running a free giveaway on Instafreebie this week only! We’re offering several free superhero ebooks (or previews of superhero ebooks, in the case of my book, The Superhero’s Test) to Instafreebie users, so click this link to HERE go directly to the promo page and check out what we’re offering.

Remember, we’re offering these books for free for this week (December 12-17) only, so you’d better head on over there and get whichever books strike your interest ASAP!

“The Superhero’s Summit” is now available in paperback!

Hey, everyone! The trade paperback edition of The Superhero’s Summit is now available for purchase from Amazon here. You can also buy it from CreateSpace right here.

Speaking of paperbacks, there’s only four days left to enter the Goodreads giveaway to win a free copy of the trade paperback edition of The Superhero’s Test. Go HERE to enter if you haven’t already.


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Superhero Super-Sale July 8-10 only!

Superhero Super-Sale July 8-10Hey, everyone! Just a quick post to announce the Superhero Super-Sale!

What is the Superhero Super-Sale, you ask? Well, it is an event in which several other superhero authors (including yours truly) have come together to offer a variety of superhero books for less than a dollar each from July 8-10 only, including my own book, The Superhero’s Test, which is available for free for this weekend only!

Click the image at the top of the post to see what books are available or click this link here to go to the sale’s page itself.

Remember, these books are only under a dollar each for this weekend only and I can’t guarantee when or if they will ever be on sale this low again, so head on over there and grab whichever ones look most interesting to you ASAP if you want to get them at such a great price.


Lucas Flint

“The Superhero’s Test” now available in trade paperback from Amazon and CreateSpace!

Hey, everyone! The Superhero’s Test is now available as a paperback book! You can get it from Amazon and CreateSpace, as well as from your local bookstore, though you’ll probably have to make a special order if it isn’t on their shelves.

Anyway, Book 2, The Superhero’s Team, is coming along well. I expect to have it out by the end of the month, but to whet your appetite, here is the blurb for The Superhero’s Team that will give you an idea of what this book is about:

A month after his debut as the superhero Bolt, Kevin Jason’s life has changed greatly. Everyone seems to have taken an interest in him, including major presidential candidate and ex-super villain Adam Plutarch, whose true motives for supporting Kevin are murky and unclear.

But fame isn’t all bad, especially when Kevin is offered a position on a team of young superheroes that offers him a great chance to advance in his superhero career. He leaps at the chance to join, hoping to make some new friends and maybe get a little closer to its leader, the mysterious and beautiful Incantation.

Yet the situation takes a more complicated turn when Kevin uncovers a conspiracy within the team that threatens to destroy not just the superhero community, but the entire country. And if Kevin does not find out who is friend and who is foe quickly, then he can say good bye to not only his superhero career, but to his very life.

If you’d like to be among the FIRST to know about the release of The Superhero’s Team, subscribe to my mailing list by entering your email address into the box below:

Now available: The Superhero’s Test

The Superhero's Test - Ebook Small

That’s right! I am pleased to announce that The Superhero’s Test is now available for purchase on Amazon and can be borrowed for free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers!

You can buy or borrow a copy here, but better be quick, because the book is 99 cents for this week only. On June 5th, it will go back up to its full price of $2.99, so if you want it now, better hurry on over to Amazon to get it at this amazing price before it goes back up!

Also, a trade paperback edition from CreateSpace will be available sometime in June.

The 25-Day Novel Challenge: Day Twenty-Two

The Superhero's Test - Ebook Small


I did it.

I wrote and edited a full-length novel in 22 days. I gave the book to my copy editor, who I figure should get through the book within the next couple of days. Then all I will need to do is format and publish the book.

So yes, that means that the 25-Day Novel Challenge is over. I won’t be doing daily posts here on the website anymore about my progress. I thought about doing some posts about my marketing plans for the book, but none of what I have planned is particularly special or interesting, so I’m not going to say anything about that.

But I will say that if you want to be the FIRST to know about the release of The Superhero’s Test, then subscribe to my mailing list by entering your email address into the box at the bottom of this post. I will, of course, post about the book here on my website once it is live on Amazon, but under my main name I always let my mailing list readers know about my newest releases before anyone else and I intend to do that with this pen name as well.

The 25-Day Novel Challenge: Day Twenty-One

The Superhero's Test - Ebook Small


As of today, I am now 90% finished with the editing phase of The Superhero’s Test. Tomorrow I will edit the final 20 pages, hand over the document to my copy editor, and hopefully have the book itself published by Monday or Tuesday of next week. Can’t wait!

This has been a fun yet tough challenge for me. It was fun to write a 66k novel in 16 days, but the editing has been kind of boring and is my least favorite part of the process so far. I like how I usually do it, where I put a project aside for a few weeks and then come back to editing it, but if this book does as well as I hope it will, then I’ll probably stick with this process for my next book in this series.

Anyway, that’s all for today. On to Day 22!