The 25-Day Novel Challenge Day One

The Superhero's Test - Ebook Small


WORD COUNT: 4,001/75,000

Hey everyone! Welcome to the 25-Day Novel Challenge. In this challenge, I am attempting to write and edit (and maybe even publish, depending on how fast everything goes) a 75,000-word superhero novel, titled The Superhero’s Test (you can see the cover at the top of the post). During this challenge, I will also be blogging about my experiences writing and editing this novel every day.

Today is Day One of the challenge and I have already written my 4,000 words for the day (you can see my progress on the progress bar on the right side of the screen), so I will not be doing any more writing on the book today. These first 4,000 words came out very easily, but that doesn’t surprise me, because I’ve been looking forward to writing this book for several months now and I’ve discovered that my books are easier to write if I wait for a while before starting work on it. It helps that I did a lot of worldbuilding (but not too much; otherwise I wouldn’t be able to write it at all) and have thought about the characters and what I want to happen in the story a lot.

But I don’t use an outline. While I understand that outlines work for a lot of writers, I just don’t like using them. I know most outliners say that an outline should be a guide and not rigid and inflexible, but to me it just seems like a waste of time to spend time making an outline only for a story to completely change when you actually write it. Why not just jump straight into the book and take whatever it throws at you?

Now granted, without an outline, I cannot guarantee that this book will be 75,000 words. It might be longer or it might be shorter, but I doubt the book will grow to monstrous lengths, because I am good at controlling the length of my books and making sure I don’t spend a lot of time going down rabbit trails that only pad a book rather than adding to the story.

I came up with the number 75,000 because I estimated that that was close to the word count for your average superhero novel, and this novel is written to market, so I am aiming to make it as similar as I can to other bestselling superhero novels. If I write 4,000 words a day every day, I should hit 75,000 words in 18 days.

Assuming the novel is 300 pages and I edit 40 pages a day, that should take only 7 days, and 18 + 7 = 25, so that’s where I got 25 from, for those who are interested in the math I did to figure this challenge out.

I believe this is completely doable for me, because I’ve written novels in 20 and 30 days before, although I’ve usually taken longer than a week to edit a full-length novel. We’ll see if I succeed or if I crash and burn.

Anyway, I don’t want to make these posts too long, so I’ll just end this by saying that I will post the blurb for the book tomorrow so people can know what it is about, since I have been keeping the actual story of the book a secret for a while. Or rather, I should say the blurbs, because I have written two blurbs and am not sure which one to pick.

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All right. Day One is down and now onto Day Two!

The 25-Day Novel Challenge: Introduction

The Superhero's Test - Ebook Small

The 25-Day Novel Challenge: Introduction

Welcome to the 25-Day Novel Challenge! In this challenge, I am going to write and edit a 75,000 word novel over a period of 25 days without an outline. This challenge was inspired by a similar challenge by author Chris Fox, which you can read more about here if you’re interested.

For this challenge, I am going to write The Superhero’s Test, the first book in a brand new superhero series called The Superhero’s Son, the cover of which can be seen at the top of the post. It is the first novel in what is currently planned to be a trilogy, although if the series does well I could easily expand it if necessary.

During the 25-Day Novel Challenge, I will be blogging about it here every day. I’ll talk about how my writing is going and give insights into my process, plus offer various insights on my views on writing, writing to market, and the superhero genre in general whenever I have any worth sharing.

Once the novel is written and edited, I will publish it to Amazon as an ebook and enroll it in Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited ebook subscription service, where it will stay exclusive to Amazon for 90 days. I will also do a print version through CreateSpace and maybe an audio version, too, if it does well, which I expect it to.

At the moment, I don’t know when I will actually start the challenge, because I’m currently working on another book under my main name. Once I finish that book, I will dive into The Superhero’s Test and the 25-Day Novel Challenge right away.

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Welcome to my website

Hi there,

My name is Lucas Flint. Or technically, it’s Timothy L. Cerepaka. Lucas Flint is just a pen name that I use for my superhero fiction. Ordinarily, I write epic fantasy/sword and sorcery under my real name, which you can find out more about here.

Anyway, this website will be primarily used as a place to announce new releases, as well as news about deals and anything else relevant or interesting to my Lucas Flint pen name. It won’t have a whole lot to it aside from that, but if you leave comments on any of the posts or pages, I will definitely see them and respond to them if necessary, so don’t be afraid to comment if you want to do that.

At the moment, there are currently no books published under the Lucas Flint pen name. But the first book to be published under the pen name, The Superhero’s Test, is scheduled for a summer 2016 release in ebook and trade paperback from Annulus Publishing.

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That’s pretty much it. There isn’t much else to this site at the moment (although I will be doing a writing challenge in late April/early May here, so stay tuned for that), but if you have any thoughts to share anyway, feel free to comment below or contact me directly via my Contact page.