Link: Scammers Break The Kindle Store

Hey, everyone!

Normally, I try to only post book announcements and news about my books on this blog, but I feel that the below linked article (which details a huge problem that’s been plaguing Amazon’s Kindle store for months) is important enough to share here.

Scammers Break The Kindle Store

I highly encourage all of you to read and share this article yourself, because if the problems in that article keep getting worse, I will take all of my books out of Kindle Unlimited. I don’t want to do that, but the problems David Gaughran outlinesĀ are as serious as he makes them out to be, and if I have to do it, I will.

Share it far and share it wide. Let’s put the pressure on Amazon.

New release: “The Superhero’s Son Omnibus: Books 4-6”

Following on last month’s release of the first volume, I have now released the second volume of The Superhero’s Son Omnibus Series. This volume contains the next three book in The Superhero’s Son series, The Superhero’s Powers, The Superhero’s Origin, and The Superhero’s World, and, like the previous volume, is currently available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited, making it a great way to read the next three books in the series.

Click the cover image above or this link HERE to go directly to its Amazon product page.

The next omnibus volume, which will contain the next three books in the series, is scheduled for release in late January/early February. Stay tuned for that.