The 25-Day Novel Challenge: Day Twenty-Two

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I did it.

I wrote and edited a full-length novel in 22 days. I gave the book to my copy editor, who I figure should get through the book within the next couple of days. Then all I will need to do is format and publish the book.

So yes, that means that the 25-Day Novel Challenge is over. I won’t be doing daily posts here on the website anymore about my progress. I thought about doing some posts about my marketing plans for the book, but none of what I have planned is particularly special or interesting, so I’m not going to say anything about that.

But I will say that if you want to be the FIRST to know about the release of The Superhero’s Test, then subscribe to my mailing list by entering your email address into the box at the bottom of this post. I will, of course, post about the book here on my website once it is live on Amazon, but under my main name I always let my mailing list readers know about my newest releases before anyone else and I intend to do that with this pen name as well.

The 25-Day Novel Challenge: Day Twenty-One

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As of today, I am now 90% finished with the editing phase of The Superhero’s Test. Tomorrow I will edit the final 20 pages, hand over the document to my copy editor, and hopefully have the book itself published by Monday or Tuesday of next week. Can’t wait!

This has been a fun yet tough challenge for me. It was fun to write a 66k novel in 16 days, but the editing has been kind of boring and is my least favorite part of the process so far. I like how I usually do it, where I put a project aside for a few weeks and then come back to editing it, but if this book does as well as I hope it will, then I’ll probably stick with this process for my next book in this series.

Anyway, that’s all for today. On to Day 22!

The 25-Day Novel Challenge: Day Twenty

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We are now on Day 20 of the 25-Day Novel Challenge. I am now just over 70% done with the editing phase. I estimate that I will be done with the editing on Day 22, instead of Day 21, but that is fine. As long as I finish editing it by Day 25, I will consider this challenge a success.

Speaking of success, what is my definition of success? Success, after all, can vary considerably from one writer to another. Some consider publishing one book success, while others won’t consider themselves a success until they’re making multiple millions of dollars every year and have a nice vacation home on a tropical island somewhere and everything in between.

My definition of success is simple: Making a living at my writing. I am not yet making a living off my writing, but I expect to this year, assuming The Superhero’s Test does as well as I think it will. I’d also like to make enough money to support a wife and children off, but right now I am going to focus on making enough money to support myself, at least.

Anyway, we’re on the home stretch, so let’s go forth to Day 21!

The 25-Day Novel Challenge: Day Nineteen

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I am now 55% of the way through the editing phase, which means that I am a little over halfway done! Yay! I am still on target to finish the editing phase by Day 21 and hopefully have the book itself published by Day 25.

Today’s editing session went really well. As I edited it, I noticed that I had put in a bit that foreshadowed the way the final conflict between the protagonist and antagonist at the end of the book. At the risk of tooting my own horn, I have to say that it is pretty good, because I didn’t have the climax of the story figured out before I sat down and started writing this story. It was like my subconscious knew ahead of time how the climax was going to end and put this bit in early so it would be foreshadowed.

This is another reason I don’t write with an outline. So often, my subconscious seems to know the details of the climax or ending well before my conscious mind does. I know outliners probably have these moments of unconscious brilliance, too, but I just consider it more amazing when a writer does it without an outline.

Anyway, that’s all for today. On to Day 20!

The 25-Day Novel Challenge: Day Eighteen

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We are now on Day Eighteen of the 25-Day Novel Challenge. That means that there is just one week left in the challenge. I am pretty sure I will finish the editing process before Day 25, but we’ll see.

I don’t have much else to say today, except that I’m also working on the second book in the series at the same time I am editing this book. The second book is coming along pretty well, but I don’t expect to be finished with it until July, perhaps.

I can reveal it’s title, however: The Superhero’s Team. Stay tuned for more details after the 25-Day Novel Challenge.

Anyway, that’s enough for today. On to Day Nineteen!

The 25-Day Novel Challenge: Day Seventeen

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We are now at the start of the editing phase. I hit my 40 pages for the day, which is the goal I’ve set for myself for this period, as I mentioned in yesterday’s post.

I didn’t find too much to edit, except fixing some typos, awkwardly-worded sentences, and changing details for consistency’s sake. I usually write clean, though, so I’m not surprised, although I am grateful, because it means I will hopefully be able to get through this phase quickly and without delay.

I don’t hate editing, but like many writers, I prefer writing by far. It is just a lot more fun to me to write a book than to edit one. I edit because it is necessary, even if only to fix typos and the like, but I don’t like it and try to avoid spending months and months on editing.

In fact, that’s one of the reason I write cleanly. The better I write, the less editing I have to do. And since I dislike editing, that works out well for me. I highly recommend that any writer who dislikes editing should learn how to write a good first draft in order to minimize editing.

Anyway, I’m still on a roll, so on to Day 18!

The 25-Day Novel Challenge: Day Sixteen

The Superhero's Test - Ebook Small


Yes, you read that right. As of today, I finished the first draft of The Superhero’s Test. Yay!

Now, I know that I said I was aiming for 75,000 words, but the story ended up being 9,000 words shorter and I generally dislike padding out a story. A story should be as long as it needs, whether that is 5,000 words or 50,000 words, and no more or less. I might add some more words during the editing phase, but I doubt it will be more than a couple thousand words or so, if even that much, since the story is pretty complete as is.

According to LibreOffice, the book is 220 pages, so if I edit 40 pages a day, as is my goal, then it should take me five days to edit the whole book. That will leave four more days for my copy editor to fix any little typos or errors I made, and since she works very fast and this book isn’t very long, I might be able to actually publish this book before Day 25. I sure hope I can, because it would be awesome to write, edit, and publish a novel in 25 days.

So tomorrow I will start work on the editing phase. I will also probably start writing Book 2, which I will discuss more about here in the coming weeks.

Now, without further ado, let us go to Day 17 and to the final leg of the 25-Day Novel Challenge!

The 25-Day Novel Challenge: Day Fifteen

The Superhero's Test - Ebook Small

WORD COUNT: 60,044/75,000

Today I hit the 60k mark, so that means that I am now 80% through the book, according to the progress bar on my site here. And it definitely feels like the ending is near. The protagonist is about to fight the antagonist and I have a feeling it’s going to be a great fight scene. Really looking forward to writing it tomorrow.

Speaking of antagonists, they can sometimes be some of the funnest characters to write in a story. The antagonist for this book, Master Chaos, is especially fun to write. I won’t go into any detail about him, because I want to keep his personality a surprise for readers, but if you like comic book villains of any sort, I can guarantee that you will like Master Chaos.

Making a good antagonist, while fun, can also be hard. You don’t want an antagonist who is a pushover and poses no threat whatsoever to your protagonist (unless it’s a comedy or maybe a minor antagonist whose sole purpose is to be easily beaten by the heroes for laughs or something like that), but neither do you want an antagonist who is so powerful that you need a Deus ex Machina to defeat him.

A good antagonist will be strong enough to give your protagonist a run for his money, but can still beatable within the rules of the universe. You can make the method to defeat the antagonist unknown at first, but if you’re going to do that, you should throw in subtle clues at various points throughout the story foreshadowing it so that when you do reveal it, it comes across less as a Deus ex Machina and more like an organic and logical part of your story or your story’s universe.

Anyway, that’s my thoughts for today. On to Day Sixteen!

The 25-Day Novel Challenge: Day Fourteen

The Superhero's Test - Ebook Small

WORD COUNT: 56,041/75,000

All right, everyone! We are now on Day 14 of the 25-Day Novel Challenge. I’ve entered the final act of the book and am confident that I will be able to wrap it up by Day 18, which is when I should hit the 75k mark. Pretty excited about that.

Speaking of final acts, it’s always important to have a good ending for a novel. A good ending gives your reader a sense of satisfaction and closure, unless it’s a series novel, but even with a series novel, you want to give some closure, even if you leave some loose ends to be addressed in later books.

I always like writing the last books in a series, because then I can pretty much go crazy and answer all of the major questions and mysteries in the series while doing stuff I couldn’t get away with in the previous books. I always try to make the final book in a series the best and most exciting so that when a reader finishes it, it will feel like a great ending not just to that particular book, but to the series as a whole.

Anyway, onto Day Fifteen!

The 25-Day Novel Challenge: Day Thirteen

The Superhero's Test - Ebook Small

WORD COUNT: 52,038/75,000

We are now thirteen days into the 25-Day Novel Challenge! The ending is now very clear to me, aside from a few minor details here and there. It could still change between now and the 24th, which is when I expect to finish the book, but I have a good idea of how the book will end now.

I don’t have much to say today, except that I am already thinking of what will happen in Book Two and I can’t wait to get started on it. Onto Day Fourteen!