The Superhero’s Vision

The Superhero’s Vision
In the seventh book of The Superhero's Son, Kevin Jason (Bolt) is brainwashed by Vision to save their leader, but Kevin figures out that there is something amiss and soon starts to search for the truth.
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Series: The Superhero's Son, Book 7
Genre: Superhero
Tags: Superheroes, Young Adult
Publisher: Annulus Publishing
Publication Year: October 2016
Format: ebook
Length: 180 pages (print edition)
List Price: $3.99 (Free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers!)
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About the Book

As a proud member of the group known as Vision, Kevin Jason (Bolt) seeks to build a world of equality and justice for all. To do that, he and his fellow Visionists must rescue their captured leader from the government, who hold him captive in a secret facility.

But doubt plagues Kevin, not helped by his amnesia, which makes it difficult for him to remember anything that happened in the past. And when Kevin starts to question his memories, he finds himself embarking on a journey that will take him in a direction that will change his life forever.

Some people in Vision, however, don’t want him knowing the truth. Now Kevin must find out the truth about Vision and his memory before it is too late.

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