First War

First War
In the sixth and final Minimum Wage Sidekick book, Alex Fry (Beams) finds himself in the middle of a war between superheroes and ex-superheroes while also dealing with blackmail from his archenemy.
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Series: Minimum Wage Sidekick, Book 6
Genre: Superhero
Tags: Superheroes, Young Adult
Publisher: Secret Identity Books
Publication Year: November 2017
Length: 224 pages (print edition)
ASIN: B0784217YQ
List Price: $4.99 (Free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers!)
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About the Book

With war raging in the streets between superheroes and vigilantes, Alex Fry (Beams) strives to not only survive the war, but also end it before the superpowered battles completely demolish his city. In addition, Beams must decide how much longer he will continue to work for his boss and his future in the superhero business in general.

But all of that fades into the background when Beam’s worst enemy blackmails him. She offers him a simple choice: Kill Rubberman, his boss, in a week, or have his identity made public and his family killed by her minions.

Now Beams must find a way to stop this mad woman while keeping his family, job, and employer safe. But with Beams’ enemies closing in on all sides, this may be the end of the road for the young hero, whose decisions will impact not merely his own fate, but the destiny of everyone he loves and cares about as well.

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