First Magic

First Magic
In the fourth book of Minimum Wage Sidekick, Beams must deal with a supervillainess who can raise the dead with help from a legendary retired superhero, though the retired superhero has an agenda of his own and if Beams doesn't find out what it is, he may perish.
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Series: Minimum Wage Sidekick, Book 1
Genre: Superhero
Tags: Superheroes, Young Adult
Publisher: Secret Identity Books
Publication Year: October 2017
Length: 211
List Price: $4.99 (Free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers!)
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About the Book

When a superhero serial killer comes to Golden City with the intent of killing Rubberman, Alex Fry (Beams) and his boss desperately try to track him down before he kills them. And when it turns out that the killer is Rubberman’s ex-wife seeking revenge against him, Beams finds himself facing dark magic unlike anything he has face before.

But when a legendary retired superhero shows up and offers to help Beams capture the killer, Beams thinks they might just defeat the serial killer after all.

Yet things are not as simple as they seem, because this retired superheroes seems to have ulterior motives for helping Beams, and if Beams doesn’t uncover them quickly, both he and Rubberman will die.

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